Growing up, my dad was a pastor. He and my mom were faithful to teach me from an early age that I was born as a sinful human being in need of the Lord Jesus to save me. I was six years old when I made the decision to believe in the Lord Jesus for myself, trusting in His death and resurrection.

While a teenager, I came across a First Nations exhibit in Tobermory, Ontario. I remember praying, “God, if there are any people like this left up north, I’ll go to them.” I promptly forgot all about that prayer, but God didn’t!

Years later, God used a friends’ photo from Ethnos’ Jungle Camp to trigger my thinking — “Wow, that is really cool, but not for me!”

While supply teaching in my hometown, God used a week at Ethnos360’s Wayumi program in Pennsylvania to direct my focus back to serving among unreached people groups.

While training to be a missionary at Ethnos360’s program in Missouri, I learned that Ethnos Canada was preparing to send church planting teams to the First Nations and Inuit in Northern Canada. I was intrigued.

It was while taking a specialized linguistics course that Ethnos360 runs in a Cherokee community in Oklahoma that I realized God was wanting me to serve among the Indiginous people in Northern Canada — the Lord reminded me of what I’d prayed 10 years earlier!

In the summer of 2019 I completed a field orientation in Northern Canada.

My current ministry is to connect with believers and share my vision for my future ministry as I finish raising the rest of my support.

It was one thing to share about the needs in some of the northern communities when I only had heard about them. Now that I’ve experienced a little more and begun some new friendships with native people, I’m finding a new urgency to share God’s Word well among the misreached.

Can I do this? Nope, but the Lord Jesus can through me!