Ryan grew up in Lucknow, Ontario; Abigail in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

They have been training with Ethnos360 Aviation in Arizona, preparing to serve overseas in a pilot/mechanic capacity.

A big milestone for them is that they have finally received their country assignment! It’s been many years of training leading up to this point and they are extremely excited about their future of serving in the Philippines!

Ryan has been getting helicopter maintenance experience as well as starting the helicopter flight training. The helicopter training is a large undertaking in both the skills area and as a financial investment, but we are excited to see what God has in store for them.

Please pray for the de Roos family as preparing to serve as a missionary pilot family overseas is a huge investment of time, resources, and energy. Pray that the Lord will be able to raise up the financial support they need, so they can begin their ministry in the Philippines where there are urgent needs.