Shaun grew up among the Manjúi people of Paraguay and was able
to experience firsthand the joys of watching them become believers and mature in the Lord. This put the desire in his heart to be a church planter among another indigenous group.

Melanie grew up hearing missionary stories from her grandparents and after taking two mission trips, was excited to pursue serving the Lord overseas.

Shaun and Melanie met and fell in love at Ethnos360 Bible Institute, and after finishing up their missionary training, moved to Paraguay in 2003. They have now been working in the Nivaclé tribe for three years, where Shaun is currently preparing Bible lessons into the tribal language. When Melanie isn’t busy homeschooling the kids and making food from scratch, she can be found studying and visiting with the Nivaclé ladies.

Michayla, Rylan and Seth love playing games and sports outside with their Nivaclé friends.

Shaun is hoping to begin teaching the Bible chronologically in this remote tribe within the year.