Terry and Rosie both grew up in Christian homes and in churches where missions was promoted. As a teen Rosie was challenged in her walk with God and was burdened for those around her. As she thought about her future career she knew that she wanted to do something that involved bringing souls to heaven. She went off to Bible school hoping for direction as to how she could be involved in missions.

Terry was challenged to be involved in tribal missions as a young man when he was saw the slideshow, “Each Stick had a Name” and realized that there were still places in the world that had no gospel witness or Bible in their language. He decided to go to Nipawin Bible College which is where he met Rosie!

Terry & Rosie were married in 1990 and begain training with Ethnos Canada (founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission) a few years later. They arrived in Papua New Guinea in January 1997 with two of their children, Troy and Kara. Sharla was added to the family two years later. The Banmans lived and worked in the Wusuraambya tribe for 11 years along with their team and were involved in discipleship of the tribal church.

In 2008 they were asked to consider moving to the central area support centre at Sobega to take care of new missionaries and to be mentored into the leadership team. Currently Terry and Rosie are thankful to be overseeing the tribal missionary families and have the desire that those families will have longevity and be able to finish the huge task ahead of them—learning language and culture, setting up literacy programs, writing Bible lessons, translating Scripture and discipling believers! It is awesome to be part of the team that is making His name known among the nations!