We both grew up in Maryland, but we met in Milwaukee at a dinner for international students! From before we got married, God was drawing our focus away from our careers and toward THE big thing He is doing in this church age – making disciples from among each and every people group (ethnos). We learned that there are still thousands of people groups that have no Christian witness, no church, and no Bible in their language.

In 2019, after studying the Bible at Ethnos360 Bible Institute and attending missionary training, the Lord opened doors for us to serve in Ontario at the Emanate training centre. Emanate equips future church planters to put down roots in another culture, learn the language and worldview of a people group, model the Christian life through relationships, and teach the Bible foundationally and chronologically – so as to avoid syncretism and make the gospel of grace clear.

Todd teaches several interactive linguistics classes that prepare future missionaries to learn tribal languages directly from the people. Together, we have a variety of roles as part of the training centre community, including one-on-one discipleship of missionary trainees and their families.

We are humbled to realize that our family is just a small piece of the amazing work that God is doing among the nations. We are thankful that “there are many parts, but one body” (1 Cor. 12:20), and that together we as the body of Christ have the privilege of making disciples of each and every ethnos.