Pete & Lesley Doerksen

Pete and Lesley Doerksen

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    Pete & Lesley Doerksen

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      Connect with Pete & Lesley Doerksen

      Christian Mennonite Church, Steinbach, Manitoba
      Public Relations — Short Term Trips Coordinators

      Only God could bring a German Mennonite boy living in Bolivia, South America and a Canadian girl living in Liberia, West Africa together!

      Pete came to Christ through the faithful witness of a friend, and reading missionary stories, which ultimately challenged him to go and tell others about Jesus. The first step was a short term missions trip to Liberia.
      Lesley came to Christ at the age of 10. Shortly after, her parents moved to Liberia as missionaries with Ethnos Canada. She lived in close proximity to a people group who had no gospel witness, and no Bible in their own language. By the age of 15, the challenge to “Go and make disciples of all nations” was pressed on her heart.

      After getting married and completing Ethnos Canada’s missionary training, they moved their family to Guinea, West Africa where they lived for 13 years. They served in many different support roles—from dorm parents, to bush house builder, to guest house and project leaders for short term teams. Pete and Lesley have four children who loved living in the jungle!

      In 2010, they transitioned from Africa to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and served with the Interface program for college students. After three years in PNG, God moved them back to Canada. For the last five years, they’ve been involved in equipping pastors in West Africa.

      Earlier this year, they’ve gone through another transition by joining the Public Relations Team. They will be coordinating short term trips overseas and within North America. They are looking forward to helping people see the need and showing them tangible ways they can be involved.

      Are you looking for a way to serve the Lord on a short term trip? Are you interested in learning more about what God is doing to fulfill the Great Commission? Want to come with us to Wayumi or Interface? We’d love to hear from you!