After arriving in Asia Pacific church planters/developers will begin and become highly proficient in the language and culture of Asia Pacific.  After team formation the church planters/developers will move into villages and begin an intense time of culture and language acquisition of the local language while building relationships among the people.  After reaching proficiency in the culture and language, the church planters/developers will write Bible lessons and translate Old Testament portions and the New Testament into the local language.  This takes place while systematically teaching Bible lessons in order to build an understanding of God’s Word.  In most cases the church planting team is involved in literacy training.  The ongoing work of the church planter/developer is to see new believers discipled and develop local church leadership.

In some cases, a national church presence has previously been established in a village setting and we are being requested to come alongside these ministries to assist in the maturation process.  Literacy, lesson development, Bible translation, teaching and other typical church planting/developing ministries still apply to these situations.