Ell Teachers

ELL teachers provide essential support to all students in their assigned division who have been identified as English Language Learners.

  • Work professionally to stay abreast of current philosophy and methods of language acquisition and instruction.
  • Be familiar with benchmarks at each grade level.
  • Be familiar with the WIDA framework and Can Do Descriptors by levels and by grades.
  • Use observations, benchmarks, and WIDA Can Do Descriptors to individually assess each ELL to determine their specific needs. 
  • Create individual goals for each ELL based on data and analysis. 
  • Work with the principal, the ELL Coordinator, and teachers to develop suitable instructional materials and strategies to help each student meet his/her goals.  
  • Continuously assess students to monitor their progress and develop appropriate strategies based on their progress. 
  • Observe and give appropriate support during push-ins.
  • Work with classroom teachers to support teaching practices for ELLs. 
  • Communicate with principals, teachers, and parents regarding ELL students’ progress as well as any concerns as they arise.
  • Work with ELL aides to train them in classroom responsibilities and expectations.
  • Attend meetings with parents of ELLs to build unity and understanding