• Work with grounds crew as needed in the following areas-
  1. Maintain lawns
  2. Mowing (both riding and push mowers)
  3. Pick up rocks, toys, trash, etc. for mowing safety
  4. Trim work (running a weed-eater)
  5. Round-up weed killer – 3 times yearly,
  • Organize snow removal and de-icing (prep work and supplies)

                  a) Main sidewalks

                  b) Guest room sidewalks

                  c) Wash house sidewalks

                  d) Roads

  • Help with road maintenance:

                  a) Clean out culverts (4 – 6 times a year)

                  b) Clean out swales (4 – 6 times a year)

                  c) Road grading and pothole repair as needed

  • Prep firewood (mostly for outdoor fire pits and guest house)

                  a) Determine amount

                  b) Cut & split

                  c) Supply to designated areas

  • Clean building gutters
  • Assist in overseeing student work detail crews who help with center grounds tasks