The Database Engineer role is responsible for implementing both data extraction procedures from source systems as well as physical data structures within the information systems team environment. The Database Engineer role is responsible for implementing Business Intelligence data structures to support the organization’s BI efforts. The individual serving in this role works closely with other Information System and IT Operations staff and reports to the Director of Information Systems or designee. 


  • Implements data solutions to include prototyping proof of concepts.
  • Implements agreed upon standards and test plans, writing, testing, and debugging modularized code, and implementing a solution that follows efficient design techniques.
  • Creates requested queries on data sets. 
  • Creates stored procedures, functions and triggers as needed. 
  • Creates OLTP/relational tables and views for transaction-oriented applications. 
  • Loads and maintains fact tables as needed. 
  • Loads and maintains aggregate tables as needed. 
  • Loads and maintains dimension tables as needed. 
  • Develops Views/Data Marts for information to be made available to external applications that request it. 
  • Implements security rules/standards. 
  • Responsible to work with the Enterprise Application Data Architect to ensure that database design meets the needs of the organization. 
  • Responsible for outlining the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) procedures to be built for Ethnos360 data hub.
  • Optimizes database code by analyzing query execution plans. 
  • Implements business rules and/or exception reporting. 
  • Implements data models for report consumption.
  • Assists with other duties as the Director of Information Systems and Enterprise Application Data Architect assigns them.