The Iski people can’t please God. Their hands are tied

Rules Won’t Save

Like most people, the Iskis love setting laws and giving themselves instruction on how to be good and what to do when they fail. We (missionary Jason Williamson and his co-workers) taught them the lesson on Cain and Abel and then illustrated it with a skit demonstrating that they cannot do anything to please God.

Their Hands are Tied!

I tied the hands and legs of the people in the skit with rope to represent their sinfulness and inability to please God. The first man in the skit said, “Look at all the sinful behavior I have gotten rid of: I used to fight and kill people, I used to sleep around, I used to smoke and chew betel nut. But now I have left all of that so God is pleased with me.”

Their Efforts in Vain

“Look”, said the second man, “I go to the God’s talk house (church) all the time, I wear nice clothes so God is pleased with me.” The third said, “I physically give myself pain, like tying sharp vines around myself, or kneeling on sharp metal objects. Because of this God has removed my sin.” Then we told the listeners to look at the three men’s hands and feet — can these people do anything on their own to please God? “No!” they all said.

All of their efforts have been in vain. Only through believing in the coming “saving man” can they be free and acceptable to God. Pray for the salvation of the Iski people as they continue to hear the Bible lessons.