Training National Co-Workers

Training National Co-Workers

Our co-workers come from every people group

    Your gift will help national missionary couples to achieve their goal of reaching indigenous people with the Gospel, by equipping them for effective ministry.

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      Gifts to Ethnos Canada qualify for an official receipt for income tax purposes.
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      Thank you for your donation.

      God is building His Church, and we are thrilled you are taking part. Through your support, we are making progress on our goal ... a thriving church for every people.

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      With 6,000 people groups still unreached, the task is bigger than just us. We rejoice that God is calling out workers from the ethnos to go. These national missionaries are already committed to minister, and we continue to equip and work alongside them.

      Church planting requires the church, and our role in mobilizing, equipping, and coordinating missionaries extends beyond our own culture. From all around to the world, God is calling out workers to be a part of reaching the ethnos!

      “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.”

      Matthew 28:19-20

      See the Need

      Filipinos train to share the Gospel

      Recognizing that there are more unreached people groups than expatriate missionaries to reach them, NTM opened multiple national missionary training programs. The New Tribes School of Missions in the Philippines is one of those. Hear how the Filipino people are training to make a thriving church for every people group in the Philippines a reality.

      Help Equip National Co-Workers

      Give to the National Co-Worker Equipping Fund

      God is raising up church leaders in limited-access countries who are asking for help. They desire us to train and work alongside them as they effectively disciple and plant churches. Because of your partnership, we’re able to meet their needs so they can share Christ among the lost.

      Proper training and support enables these Christian servants to disciple and pastor groups of believers within their borders. Their deep faith and commitment, coupled with their new knowledge and skill set, allows them to lead a young church to become self-sustained.

      Would you consider partnering with us as we train and help national co-workers reach the unreached within their own borders?