How Many People Did You Say?

6,823. According to, that’s the number of unreached people groups around the world. That’s more than 4.1 billion people! People among whom “there is no indigenous community of believing Christians able to engage this people group with church planting.” People groups who are less than 2 percent evangelical Christian.


Serving the Church…

95b67bbb-83c9-451c-a26b-5997952f1867How can such a comparatively small number impact so many? And what role can NTM play?

Part of the answer lies in not only training expatriate missionaries, but also equipping and working alongside national missionaries.

Jonathan and Ruth Hukkeri were sent to NTM’s training by their assembly, and are now returning to ministry in their home country. One thing they studied was worldview. The gospel message does not change. But people’s worldview, the way they interpret all of life, influences their understanding of the gospel.


…By Training Believers in Specific Areas

4adf56ea-5efa-4d69-980c-30185ce45ec8Studying worldview in NTM’s training will make a big difference as they return to their ministry to the unreached. “We were carrying our bag of ideas … trying to preach the gospel that way,” but making huge assumptions in what was understood.

“I wish others

[in ministry] also got an opportunity to understand worldview … before they just went out and started preaching….” “This worldview class, if they could take it, definitely would make a difference.”

Pray for NTM as we continue to train missionaries to reach, in the words of NTM’s founder Paul Fleming, “where no witness of the gospel has yet reached.”