Ethnos Canada to Serve the Inuit

As believers, we have the privilege of putting God on centre stage and sharing His story. For a small group of new missionaries, God is moving them and their children to Arctic Canada to do just that.

The needs in the Arctic are incredible. With the highest suicide rates in the world, the odds seem to be stacked against any and all messengers of the Gospel.

But God is still calling His Church to expand. Three families serving with Ethnos have answered the call and are making plans to move this spring.

Across Canada, housing is in short supply. This is especially true in Arctic Canada.

The decision has been made for Ethnos Canada to purchase a couple of homes/condos in the primary city. This will provide a place for the families to do their initial culture and language study.

Once the families move into more remote communities, these homes can be used if they have to come into the city for medical reasons, or as they are travelling through the city on their way to and from their ministry locations.

These homes will also be used by leadership and consultants thatcome for a couple of days or a
couple of weeks to help at various stages of ministry. They will also be used by future team members that stay in the city while they do their initial culture and language study.

Not only is housing across Canada in short supply, but it is more expensive than it was a couple of years ago. The same is true in Arctic Canada.

Ethnos Canada is trusting God for the funds to purchase 2-4 homes, and at today’s prices, it will be hard to do so for less than $1.5 million.

The One that has called these families to serve among the Inuit is also the one that will supply for all their needs. God has already provided through the generous donations of a number of believers: our Indigenous Ministries Fund has more than $234,000 available for purchasing housing. This is a huge answer to prayer.

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise God for the funds that have already come in.
  • Pray for these families as they raise support and prepare to move north in the spring.