Explore available roles. All positions in Ethnos except church-planting roles are available to associates.


Videographer/Audio-Video Editor

1. Work with a collaborative team to create videos promoting the vision and purpose of Ethnos360. This would be the whole package deal, including concept of video, storyboarding, getting footage, editing and adding closed captioning, graphics and special effects.

2. Edit former videos to bring them up to our current brand standards.

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Marketing Director Senegal

The Marketing Director will be involved with Communications Planning and Advising, Relationship Management and Engagement, Creation of Outreach/Marketing Materials, and Digital Media Management and Production.
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Communications Coordinator/Graphic Designer

The purpose of Faith Academy is to provide quality, Christ-centered education for children, most of whom are children of missionaries. Ethnos360 exists to assist the local church to plant mature churches among least reached people groups.
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Graphic Design and Material Development

Work with national mobilization team (includes a graphic designer) to produce high quality graphic design and mobilization tools that will communicate well in the national church culture.
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Mission Coach

This ministry involves walking people through the application process and various responsibilities at a yearly orientation.
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Graphic Designer

Design promotional material for the mission in print and multi-media formats. More specifically:
  • Designs art and copy layouts for a broad spectrum of printed and electronic media.
  • Determines size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, selects style and size of type, and arranges layout based upon available space, knowledge of layout principles, and aesthetic design concepts.
  • Reviews final layout and suggests improvements as needed.
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We need an individual/couple that can dedicate themselves to the representation of NTM and the recruitment of missionaries among Paraguayan churches. There are a growing number of Paraguayan churches that are reaching out and becoming involved in missionary efforts. It is important that they be informed, educated, and given the opportunity of participation and involvement with NTM in Paraguay. This job would involve speaking in churches and conferences, meeting with local pastors and youth groups, the development of Spanish language (and possibly Guarani) materials for representation, and possibly some travel with pastors and/or prospective missionaries to tribal locations for the purpose of exposure and observation.
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Copy writer: writes informative and promotional copy for use in electronic and print media to promote awareness of organizational messages, projects, products, etc. Writing should get attention, communicate a message and prompt readers to take action while conveying the company brand. May include letters, flyers, announcements, product descriptions, project sheets, scripts, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, and so on. Will work with other writers and editors and will collaborate with other departments. Copywriters must have an excellent grasp of the written word and be able to alter their writing style for the material's desired impact. Familiarity with different, current promotion and marketing techniques helpful.

Creative Writer (fiction and nonfiction): Selects or is assigned subject matter based on abilities, and current needs. Conducts interviews and research and makes notes to retain ideas, develop factual information, and obtain authentic detail. Organizes material and develops the story. Reviews, revises, and corrects with editorial assistance.

Newswriter/Reporter: Collects and analyzes information about newsworthy events to write news stories for print and electronic publication. Receives assignments or evaluates news leads and news tips to develop story idea. Gathers and verifies factual information regarding story through interview, observation, and research. Conducts interviews, organizes material, isolate pertinent facts and details, determines slant or emphasis, and writes story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards. May also edit and assist in editing.

Technical Writer: Develops, writes, and edits material for more detailed and or technical projects.

Editor: Reviews writers' work and gives instruction and direction regarding changes, additions, and corrections. Rewrites, combines, and polishes draft scripts, as necessary, to prepare scripts for production. Reads stories and other material obtained from various sources and evaluates potential for development. Edits and reviews internal publications for accuracy and completeness. Conducts interviews, writes editorials or special articles, and approves final drafts and layouts.
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