Explore available roles. All positions in Ethnos except church-planting roles are available to associates.


Azure Administrator

This role reports to the Director of IT Operations or designee.


  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources
  • Create, configure and manage Azure App Services
  • Deploy and manage virtual machines
  • Automate deployment of virtual machines
  • Configure VMs
  • Implementation and management of databases within Azure
  • Configure resources and scale for performance
  • Monitor and Optimize Operational Resources
  • Plan and Implement a HADR (High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment)
  • Management of Azure storage, including the configuration of Azure blob storage
  • Management of identities and governance
  • Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects
  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Manage Azure subscriptions
  • Monitor resources using Azure monitor
  • Leverage security center to continually assess state of cloud resources, including servers, storage, SQL, networks, applications and workloads that are running in Azure.
  • Monitor security state and improve organization’s security posture by using Azure’s Secure Score recommendations.
  • Works with IT Operations and IT leadership to make recommendations for continual hardening of the Azure cloud environment.
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Intune Administrator

This role reports to the Director of IT Operations or designee.


  • Work with team members to design and execute the technical implementation of Intune Solutions based on client requirements and design specifications.
  • Recommend a solution that aligns with the customer’s business needs and requirements (discuss benefits and risks).
  • Able to articulate pros & cons of the architecture decision across a wide spectrum of factors - e.g. latency, storage, startup/shutdown, compatibility etc.
  • Work together with a department project manager to successfully complete a project.
  • Provide configuration recommendation and assistance to other solution deployment team members.
  • Assist in the development of detailed project specifications where applicable
  • Creates and maintains reporting of application and device usage and identifies issues to IT leadership.
  • Creates procedure and standards of practice for application management on corporate devices.
  • Develops processes for how new applications are reviewed and approved by IT for usage on corporate devices.
  • Acts as a primary technical contact, providing advanced technical support and problem resolution for customers, including raising issues to the highest levels of IT management.
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Security & Compliance Administrator

This job’s role is to ensure the secure operation of in-house and cloud computer systems, servers, and network connections in accordance with Ethnos360 internal processes, procedures, and compliance requirements.


  • Works to establish and enforce organizational standards related to the organization’s security and compliance of IT resources.
  • Researches, writes, and communicates internal security policies and guidelines to keep Ethnos360 departments and centers aware of all security and compliance requirements.
  • Works closely with IT staff on specific projects and tasks that relate to security and compliance.
  • Stays up to date with IT security and compliance best practices by attending classes, reading publications, joining professional peer groups, etc.
  • Performs internal reviews to ensure that all current and new/updated policies and procedures adhere to best practices related to security and compliance.
  • Performs or works with 3rd party audit groups to produce risk and technical vulnerability assessments, data classification, attack and penetration analysis, policy compliance and communication with internal teams.
  • Actively participates in daily coordination and remediation of all security incidents in the organization.
  • Conducts assessment of the security of new applications and programs prior to installation, upgrade, or widespread use within the organization.
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IT Systems Security Engineer

This role reports to the IT Security and Compliance Administrator or designee.


  • Performs health checks, compliance checks, end user support, audits, event triage and incident response
  • Works to administer Active Directory, GPO, permissions, groups, and Windows configurations
  • Configuration of Office365 mailboxes, shared mailboxes, distribution groups and licensing
  • Administration and configuration of Azure AD, SSO and applications
  • Performs technical review of IDS/IPS, DLP alerts and logs
  • Install software that monitors systems and networks for security breaches and intrusions. 
  • Monitor systems for irregular behavior and set up preventive measures. 
  • Plan, develop, implement and update the company’s information security strategy.
  • Educate and train staff in information system security best practices.
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Network Administrator

This role reports to the Network Engineer or designee.  


  • Install, configure, and maintain network hardware and software
  • Create and maintain backups of network device configuration
  • Coordinate the installation, relocation, maintenance and repair of various network equipment
  • Create and maintain accurate network documentation including Visio network diagrams, ports list spreadsheets, etc. 
  • Install and support LANs, WLANs, WANs, WWANs, network segments, Internet, and intranet systems. 
  • Monitor networks to ensure security and availability utilizing OpManager and Umbrella. 
  • Analyze and isolate issues by troubleshooting any infrastructure network related problems such as network cards, cabling problems, etc. 
  • Evaluate, modify, and report on network performance. 
  • Maintain integrity and security of the network. 
  • Ensure network connectivity throughout the campus LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with technical considerations. 
  • Maintain proper cable management and terminations for network. (running wires, punching down wall jacks and patch panels, managing wire runs and racks, fiber infrastructure, grounding) 
  • Determine network and system requirements for new and existing projects. 
  • Maintain DHCP including Scopes, Reservations, and Scope Options. 
  • Maintain VPN gateways and intrusion detection systems. 
  • Maintain and monitor infrastructure equipment in Data Center and Telecommunication Rooms.  
  • Cross-train with team members to gain knowledge and experience in other areas of IT
  • Works as part of IT support team and help desk agents

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Network Engineer

This role reports to the Director of IT Operations or designee.


  • Responsible for management/maintenance/support and monitoring of the organization’s networking infrastructure and systems (LAN, WAN communications, switches, routers, firewalls, VPN, wireless systems, etc.)
  • Troubleshoots technology related problems that may include carrier issues, routing and switching issues, datacenter performance, packet loss, latency issues, system connectivity and hardware failures.
  • Evaluates, designs and implements new networking configuration to meet business objectives as required.
  • Follows standard administrative processes, and procedures for supporting production environments.
  • Leads network disaster recovery initiatives as required.
  • Assures that network security best practices are implemented and maintained to ensure business security and systems continuity by working closely with the IT Operations team to implement proper hardware, software, configurations as required.
  • Performs software and hardware upgrades/patches on firewalls, network switches.
  • Works with 3rd party vendors on projects.
  • Troubleshooting, resolving, and communicating networking issues to other employees and management.
  • Maintains current knowledge and understanding of security and networking best practices to offer the best solutions and protection to company systems.
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IT System Administrator

This role includes the management and maintenance of primary and secondary datacenters and works to handle issues from both the end users and from internal IT requests.  This position reports to the Director of IT Operations.


  • Identify any problems in the system, anticipate potential issues and repair systems and software when necessary
  • As an escalation point for other teams, resolve issues, fulfill requests that come in through the helpdesk ticketing system
  • Monitors and ensures that systems are running optimally
  • Setting up new users and giving them access to the intranet
  • Managing and maintaining the file servers
  • Operating the firewall for the organization 
  • Monitoring the internet connection for security risks
  • Employing the latest security protocols
  • Monitoring the local area network (LAN) for threats or errors
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Enterprise Applications Administrator

It is the responsibility of the individual in this role to provide services outlined in this job description. This role reports to the Director of Information Systems.


  • Services as a system administrator for one or more application environments leveraged by distributed users.
  • Overseas administrative functions including user maintenance, modification of features and functionality, generation of reports and dashboards, creation of new fields and other routine tasks.
  • Works to provide for automations of tasks within the applications.
  • Manages projects for the enterprise applications between the end-user team and the IT team.
  • Responsible for ensuring the performance and reliability of installed enterprise applications.
  • Monitors and maintains performance metrics for system features, recommends, and takes corrective/preventive actions
  • Performs configuration, change management and testing activities as required.
  • Consults users on technology changes that will impact work processes.
  • Responsibility to define ongoing user requirements for enterprise applications.
  • Establish, document and manage security access, profiles, licenses and procedures for enterprise software applications. Create and assign new users to required security groups and provide/setup additional security permissions and groups as needed. Disable and remove security access and groups for individuals who should no longer access specific information in the software applications. 
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Enterprise Application Developer

This role serves to develop solutions that the organization needs either through applications/services that Ethnos360 has provided by vendors or through homegrown solution development. This role reports to the Director of Information Systems or designee. 


  • Provide maintenance and support of current and future enterprise software applications 
  • Performs or works with software vendors to install upgrades, new versions, or new features to enterprise software applications 
  • Works with departments to analyze needs, and then strategically plan for enhancements, upgrades, replacements, purchases, and/or additional tools to improve the service that the Information Systems team provides 
  • Leverages a software development lifecycle approach for software projects by planning, managing and executing projects using project management best practices 
  • Works with departments to ensure continued and expanded use of the enterprise software applications, including implementation and coordination of training 
  • Develop and implement new procedures to enhance system maintenance and troubleshooting for the IT department
  • Monitor event logs, audit tools, system messages and alerts to correctly respond and correct problems or issues 
  • Manage setup, configuration, and overall operation of enterprise software applications 
  • Define and assist in the development of reports needed for users of the enterprise software applications
  • Test all implemented updated and corrections, and assists in the testing of the total program, documenting, in standardized terminology, all procedures used.
  • Develops integrations between software applications to allow for the synchronization of data to allow business processes of the organization to function appropriately
  • Monitor, complete and close helpdesk tickets assigned to you 
  • Leverage technical, business, and financial acumen to interact and communicate effectively with a variety of groups and individuals including IT, Personnel, Advancement, Finance, department heads, software vendors, etc. 
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SQL Database Engineer

The Database Engineer role is responsible for implementing both data extraction procedures from source systems as well as physical data structures within the information systems team environment. The Database Engineer role is responsible for implementing Business Intelligence data structures to support the organization’s BI efforts. The individual serving in this role works closely with other Information System and IT Operations staff and reports to the Director of Information Systems or designee. 


  • Implements data solutions to include prototyping proof of concepts.
  • Implements agreed upon standards and test plans, writing, testing, and debugging modularized code, and implementing a solution that follows efficient design techniques.
  • Creates requested queries on data sets. 
  • Creates stored procedures, functions and triggers as needed. 
  • Creates OLTP/relational tables and views for transaction-oriented applications. 
  • Loads and maintains fact tables as needed. 
  • Loads and maintains aggregate tables as needed. 
  • Loads and maintains dimension tables as needed. 
  • Develops Views/Data Marts for information to be made available to external applications that request it. 
  • Implements security rules/standards. 
  • Responsible to work with the Enterprise Application Data Architect to ensure that database design meets the needs of the organization. 
  • Responsible for outlining the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) procedures to be built for Ethnos360 data hub.
  • Optimizes database code by analyzing query execution plans. 
  • Implements business rules and/or exception reporting. 
  • Implements data models for report consumption.
  • Assists with other duties as the Director of Information Systems and Enterprise Application Data Architect assigns them. 
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Customer Support Technician Level - 2

It is the responsibility of the individual in this role to provide services outlined as listed in this job description. This role reports to the Director of Customer support. 


  •  Service-desk Agent 
    • Gain familiarity with current solutions and canned responses and use when appropriate. 
    • Respond to assigned tickets and tasks in a timely manner   
    • Maintain an advanced knowledge of Windows 10 and 11 OS and Office365 issues.  
    • Maintain a knowledge of TeamViewer, Quick Assist and Microsoft Teams for end-user remote support.  
    • Follows Computer Support (CS) documented procedures. 
    • Stay updated on new technologies relevant to Ethnos360 needs. 
  • Develop Support Documentation. 
    • Create documents for Instructional documentation 
    • Update existing instructional documentation as needed 
  • Setup New Systems 
    • Follow procedures to test, setup and Install apps for Domain, Azure and Personal computers 
    • Transfer Data as needed 
    • Use of Shopify Store and Inventory management  
  • Hardware upgrades and repairs. 
    • Use and maintenance of Image library system – Use SID Change 
    • Maintain security standards and help all users in Best Practice.   
    • Maintain knowledge of Malware and Virus Removal
    • Carry out maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of work computers.
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IT Director

The IT Director will provide leadership and management responsibility for the vision, planning, and execution of technology across all Dakar Academy campuses and departments.
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IT Support Technician

Provide hardware and software support.  Deploy new systems.  Other IT duties as directed.
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Internet/Communications Tech

To support the church planting efforts.
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System Administrator

Collaborate with and encourage your fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.  Plan, upgrade, and maintain system hardware and software.  Undertake recovery action in the event of a system failure.  Assist in maintaining an Office365 environment.
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Hardware Technician

Collaborate with and encourage your fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.  Upgrade, troubleshoot, debug, and repair basic computer hardware, software, and associated peripherals. Troubleshoot advanced office applications and develop, test, and implement solutions for problems detected.  Provide 2nd & 3rd level Help Desk support.

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Software Developer / Programmer

Collaborate with and encourage our fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.   Learn and analyze NTM PNG specific business processes. Plan develop, and maintain new features for the NTM PNG Intranet.  Work with our business departments to maintain our ERP and reporting systems.  
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Network Administrator

Collaborate with and encourage your fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.  Plan upgrade and maintain network and communication equipment.  Setup and maintain VPN services and bandwidth optimization.  Maintain network security and availability for workstations in the primary and remote locations. 
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System Administrator

Installs and maintains physical and virtual servers. Designs, implements and maintains deployment solutions.  Designs, implements and maintains backup and recovery solutions. Provides appropriate access to domain resources on the MTC network. Designs, implements and maintains Group Policy Objects for the MTC OU in the domains.  Analyzes and resolves issues. Purchases and deploys systems on a regular schedule.  Maintains phone system, voicemail and applications. Maintains inventory of all MTC-owned systems.  Provides technical assistance and support for incoming requests related to software and hardware.  Stays updated on new technologies. 

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Network Technician / Network Administrator

Design, install and maintain the campus network, including network equipment and infrastructure.  Monitor network health, including bandwidth management and usage. Manage and maintain the campus telephone system.
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Tech Services

General center related maintenance and upkeep. Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair solar electric systems. Household appliance repair, i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc. Install maintain, troubleshoot and repair water systems, and plumbing. Small engine repair.  Other duties as assigned.
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Office 365 Solutions Architect

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Microsoft Office End User Support Specialist

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The System Administrator is responsible to maintain, upgrade and manage system software, hardware and the network. The System Administrator is to ensure that the The Homes technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.
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Computer Software Consultant

Installation and management of software.  Also, providing consultation when operational issues arise.
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IT Tech & Web Design

Seeking to meet the computer needs of the field office and church planters in West Africa through personal expertise and through discipleship equipping someone from a local church or community).
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Computer Network and Systems Administrator

A few of the responsibilities are: Maintaining the openSUSE Linux server and office network, consisting of a number of Win 10 workstations.  Maintaining firewalls, wireless equipment, and network router and modem.  Performing hardware and system upgrades, locally and remotely. Maintaining network availability in remote locations.
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IT Network Administrator

Maintain and give direction for a network of 100+ computers at the school.
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Information Management Specialist

1.    Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to capture, organize, centralize, archive, maintain and access current and future organization-wide information.  Train people to input and retrieve data.  This includes:
a)    Identify what information needs to be captured, both current and future.
b)    Identify the uses of that information.
c)    Develop methods to collect information.
d)    Develop methods for personnel to access relevant information.
2.    Coordinate completion and collection of timely and routine reports.
3.    Gather information from other organizations, NGOs and government agencies.
4.    Compile and maintain a detailed inventory of existing information resources.
5.    Regularly reassess information strategies in light of company priorities and goals as well as technology changes.
6.    Develop and maintain documentation in these areas.

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IT Positions

Serving the IT needs of missionaries.
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Telephone/Computer/WiFi Support Technician

Troubleshoot advanced office applications. Develop, test, implement and document solutions to problems detected during troubleshooting. Install operating systems and applications software. Update and configure operating systems, BIOS and drivers. Assist in other areas of the IT/ICT department as needed. Installation or repair of telephone stations in residential and NTMC office facilities.

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Computer Network and Systems Administrator

Set up and maintain Windows 2012 servers, firewalls and routing. Perform hardware and system upgrades. Document current network topology. Provide detailed statistics of network availability and utilization. Provide end-user technical support as needed and troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues on workstations and notebooks. Purchasing and maintaining service agreements for implemented products. 

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