Skilled Associates

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Skilled Associates

Put your experience on the team.
There’s likely a place for your experience on the church-planting team, helping missionaries serving in remote, unreached villages who rely on dedicated missionaries who support their work.

Associates serve for six months (although a minimum commitment of one year is preferred, and required for teachers) to four years. Looking for something longer? After four years, skilled associates may also have the opportunity to continue in their ministry.

“Jesus Christ is working in us, growing us and teaching us so that we will reflect Him and His glory here on earth. What a privilege to get to be used by God and to point others to His perfect and holy Son! …Living in Papua New Guinea for the past six months was a life changing experience! I will never forget all of the incredible adventures and lessons I learned during that time.”

Victoria L.


for serving as a skilled-associate with Ethnos

All personnel must:

  • Agree with Ethnos Canada’s Statement of Faith
  • Have personal assurance of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ
  • Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be involved in a local church
  • Be a consistent witness for Jesus Christ by maintaining a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of Ethnos Canada
  • Desire to be part of a team effort to evangelize least reached people groups
  • Have high moral character with positive references and not have been convicted of a criminal offence for which a pardon has not been granted
  • Understand that most Ethnos Canada ministry opportunities are physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging and that appropriate health in these areas is required
  • Be willing to trust God for financial and material needs
  • Have no preexisting school, auto or credit card debts without a repayment plan (some exceptions apply)

Becoming a Missionary

With more than 6,000 people groups still unreached, the task is bigger than just us. God is calling out workers from the ethnos to go.

Our role in mobilizing, equipping and coordinating missionaries extends beyond our own culture. From all around to the world, God is calling out workers to be a part of reaching the ethnos!

Thousands of believers from more than three dozen countries are actively working together in Africa, Latin America, Northern Canada and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Are you ready to join?

Why Choose Ethnos?

what makes ethnos distinct?

Most missionaries serve through sending organizations. How can you and your church choose the one that’s right for you? Find some of the reasons you might choose Ethnos.

no image is available for this missionary, so here are some huts with smoke wafting through the thatch roofs


Ethnos Canada’s Specialized Training

Your role as a career missionary and previous Bible education determine the training you’ll need, which can take from one to four years. Learn more about Ethnos Canadas specialized training.

Available Positions

Public Relations

Purpose: To glorify God and assist in establishing churches in PNG that are equipped for maturity and multiplication by effectively communicating NTM PNG’s purpose, vision, and values to the public and by communicating how people can be engaged in that work


·         Evaluate the current trends within communications and social media that could benefit the furthering of NTM-PNG’s goals.

·         Develop and coordinate NTM-PNG’s communications schedule to meet its goals. Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of NTM-PNG current communications schedule, channels, and efforts. Make adjustments accordingly.

·         Proactive awareness of the goings-on within NTM-PNG in order to represent them.

·         Establish relationships with appropriate audiences in order to better achieve the goals of the Communications Team and to better connect with the needs of the audience.

·         Gather and develop stories/data/media

·         Act as spokesperson for NTM PNG as needed.

Graphic Desinger

Purpose: To glorify God and assist in establishing churches in PNG that are equipped for maturity and multiplication by effectively communicating NTM PNG's purpose, vision, and values using graphic design skills that inspire, inform and captivate.

Responsibilities: Create and distribute relevant reports and media to various audiences with a view toward increasing awareness and engagement with NTM-PNG.


  • Other Requirements
    Needs to have a background in Adobe Creative Programs, preferred experience in print production, podcast production social media and / or website management.

Mission Coach

Location: USA Home Office

Purpose: To assist people interested in ministries that support Ethnos360's church planting efforts both in the US and abroad.

Responsibilities: This ministry involves answering peoples' questions about possible service with Ethnos360 and connecting them to the appropriate personnel.  May involve responsibilities at a yearly orientation.


  • Education Requirement
    Ethnos Training
  • Other Requirements
    Must have good communication and people skills