Housing Provided—Praise God!

We have been asking you to pray that God would provide housing for the three families on the Arctic Team. In early July, all three families moved north.

Lanie Whatley writes, “I personally think the Lord has outdone Himself, in the homes and locations He provided.”

Each of the three families are living about a 10-minute drive from each other. Which means they are each getting embedded into a different set of relationships. Lanie also shared, “The kids on the team made quick connections with children in the neighbourhood. We are learning that this is a small and close-knit community with many families connected to each other.”

When Gideon and Cassidy moved north, they had housing lined up for only two months. And it wasn’t ideal: they were renting one of two bedrooms in a condo, not able to do any hosting. But God did the impossible. Gideon writes, “The fact that we were able to find our own two-bedroom apartment is next to unheard of. Even more simply put, a miracle. More houses actually come on the market to buy than to rent!”

The move north hasn’t been without its moments. For the first almost four weeks, while the Whatleys waited for their home to become available, the team had four adults and five children all living in a 2-bedroom condo. For many of us, this sounds like a bad dream. But for those from the Arctic, it is very common to have multiple households sharing a small home. It is a way of life and the team fit right in. Hilary comments, “Not only wasn’t it a bad dream, our families thrived together during this time. Another blessing from the Lord!”

Thank you for continuing to pray.

Next month we plan to update you on how the search for language helpers is going.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would protect the five children on the team. 
  • Pray that God would provide a couple of language helpers for the team so that the team can learn the heart language of the Inuit quickly. 
  • Pray that the team would be able to build vital friendships with people within the community. 
  • Pray for unity on the team as they embark on a “new thing” together!

Thank you for praying!