Kevin & Stella Stroud-Lusk

Kevin and Stella, Ethnos Canada missionaries to the Philippines

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    Kevin & Stella Stroud-Lusk

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      Northside Baptist Church, Waterloo, ON

      “To God be the Glory” was the theme of the mission conference that God used to call our family into full-time ministry. At the time, we did not know what God was wanting us to do, but we knew we needed to obey.

      Stella and I both received Christ in our late teens. Christ’s salvation changed our lives from desperation to deep satisfaction. We could not keep the greatest gift given to us all to ourselves, so with three young girls, we entered the training at Ethnos Canada in 1999.

      The Lord has taught us that ministry is where you are and is only successful through complete reliance on HIM and healthy body function. During the training, at times, we were only focused on getting to the tribe, so we missed chances to be used by God where we were and we regret any lost opportunities. As God moved us after our first term from the tribe to a support role at Faith Academy, we saw His plan to minister “right where HE has you NOW!” He has led us to be Special Education teachers for the last 10 years, and ministry partners with a local church in a squatter community. It has been life-changing and faith growing for our family as we got involved in the lives of those near us.

      Even though we are not serving in a remote village, we still feel we are a part of the call to reach the unreached. We support the children of cross-cultural church planters through advice, direct instruction or testing. We keep families on the field and focused on their call as we fulfill our call to reach the world.

      We also want to acknowledge the body of Christ in our ministry. We would never have been in ministry without faithful supporters who believed in God’s calling in our lives. We are grateful for the staff at Ethnos who trained us and sustain us on the field, for each of our prayer and financial partners, as well as our friends and coworkers and of course our family. We are only able to minister to the kids of missionary families and our brothers and sisters in the Philippines because of the faithfulness of many and we thank you all as we live daily to give God all the glory.

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