ELL Coordinator/Tester

  • Work professionally to stay abreast of current philosophy and methods of language acquisition and instruction.
  • Develop adequate entrance procedures in tandem with the FA Registrar for ELLs and their parents. Work with Central Office reception staff who will dispatch the necessary forms to all ELL parents.
  • Work with principals and ELL staff across divisions to implement the WIDA assessments for the purpose of discerning entrance/exit decisions for students and suitable instructional materials for ELLs.
  • Communicate with prospective ELLs and their families. Interview parents and assess suitable grade level for students to be tested in.
  • Supervise the testing coordinator in their work to coordinate scheduling, testing, and scoring of ELL entrance tests.
  • Work with the administration, ELL teachers, and classroom teachers to form and implement strategies for supporting ELLs.
  • Support divisions in providing professional development for teaching staff.
  • Share information about WIDA and its Can Do Descriptors and practical ways for integrating ELL support into all classes.
  • Observe instruction and provide feedback with regards to addressing the needs of ELLs. 
  • Oversee collection and collation of data on each ELL to track their progress. 
  • Communicate with teachers and parents regarding any ELL concerns.
  • Work with ELL aides to train them in classroom responsibilities and expectations.
  • Complete duties as requested by the supervisor.
  • Lead regular ELL team meetings for all ELL teachers across divisions to give ideas, training, and encouragement, and to provide a forum for discussing issues and answering questions