Personal Care, The Homes of Ethnos360

  • Provide emotional security:  Promote feelings of safety and freedom from danger, fear, and anxiety.  Listen, show understanding, and respond to any concerns expressed by residents.
  • Provide emotional support:  Provide assistance to the resident to cope with personal care problems during periods of stress, which will enhance their ability to accept and adjust to changes in their physical capabilities and personal life.
  • Monitor the general health of ALF residents:  Take note of changes in behavior and physical condition of ALF residents.  This will alert you to changes in a residents’ health which may warrant modification of services provided.  Note observations in residents’ health charts as appropriate.
  • Communicate:  Pass on information to future shifts and inform the Director of Nursing of any health-related concerns for any ALF resident.  Inform the Director of Nursing or the Administrator of changes requiring contact of the primary healthcare provider, home health agency, another third-party provider or transfer to a facility able to provide the appropriate services. 
  • Assist with Medications:  Assist residents with self-administered medication in accordance with doctor’s orders.  Document all medications that have been taken with assistance.  (This responsibility is performed only by staff who have had the associated required training.)
  • Schedule appointments: Assist with scheduling resident medical and dental appointments.  Coordinate these appointments with appointment calendar, vehicle use calendar and driver.  Drive residents to appointments as needed.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.