One Bible Translation Completed, Another Just Starting

One Down and More to Go

It is the goal of Ethnos to see a thriving church for every people. One primary focus is translating the Scriptures into the language of each people group. What better way to push out the edge of the Church than for believers to read the Word for themselves in their own language and see their role in taking the gospel next door or to the next people group?

Bob and Debbie Clark have been ministering in the Asia-Pacific region for over 25 years, and the last 14 years have been spent helping the Wana translation team finish the translation of the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. Now, after many years of faithful labor, the project is finished.

At the Starting Gate of Translation

In contrast, the translation project for the Saluan people is still in the early stages. Along with another co-worker, Bob had the chance to teach and review basic translation principles for the newly formed team that will translate for the Saluan church.

A unique challenge as a consultant for this team is the fact that none of them are native English speakers, and the primary translators don’t speak English at all! On the other hand, there are several Saluan believers who are eager to play significant roles on the translation team. Their expertise as native speakers will help the Scriptures sound very natural for their fellow believers.

A Prayer Push

Praise the Lord with us for the completion of the Wana translation. Please pray for the continued growth of the several churches and outreach areas scattered throughout the land of the Wana people.

Join us in praying for the fledgling Saluan team as they endeavour to apply translation principles that will ensure a clear, accurate and natural version of God’s Word in their language.